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Clothing Subscriptions

Want to keep up with current fashion trends but don’t have the time or patience to pound the pavement from store to store? Maybe you just don’t know how to coordinate outfits or even know what types of styles work best for your size and body type. Our clothing subscriptions section brings you the lowdown …

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6 Affordable Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

Canary alarm on counter

You’re looking for some extra peace of mind but don’t want to throw all your hard earned money toward a security company. What company offers the cheapest home security monitoring? There are many options for you to consider, but know that the best price will always be with self-monitored systems (systems you monitor yourself). We’ve made it easy for you to make the best choice by ranking the top 5 self-monitored home alarm systems by cost…

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Best Video Streaming: YouTube TV vs DIRECTV Now vs Hulu vs Netflix vs HBO Now vs Amazon vs Sling TV

You can watch practically anything cable and satellite TV offer without paying the high monthly price thanks to video streaming. You can treat video streaming as an a la carte subscription by signing up for as many services as you want. Are you a die-hard fan of The Handmaid’s Tale? Sign up for Hulu. Love Stranger Things? Get a Netflix subscription. Always quoting Game of Thrones? An HBO Now membership is perfect for you. Once you’re finished signing up for your video streaming services, you’ll probably be paying a drastically lower price than you would with cable/satellite TV…

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iSmartAlarm Review: A Smart Purchase For Your Home Security Needs?

iSmartAlarm on wall with art: iSmartAlarm Reviews

iSmartAlarm has created some buzz about self-monitored security systems (systems that you monitor yourself via notifications sent to you and using your network of contacts – no need to pay a monthly fee for a central monitoring station or enter into a multi-year contract). Not only does iSmartAlarm include multiple camera options, but it also has stellar customer service — two things often overlooked by companies providing home security. We’ve tested iSmartAlarm ourselves and take you through our installation experience. Read on to learn more about this DIY home security system…

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Ring Alarm Review: Simple To Use & Affordable

Ring alarm panel on wall

Ring is known for its video doorbells, and now it offers a self-monitored security system that you can install yourself. You can even sync the system with a doorbell or one of its security cameras. One app accesses everything, and all of the equipment has a modern look, unlike some of its competitors…

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SimpliSafe Review: A Smart Home Security Choice?

SimpliSafe Home Security System (Caption: SimpliSafe Review)

Are home invasions on the rise in your neighborhood? Want to keep your loved ones and property safe from break-ins without breaking your budget? Do-it-yourself home security is growing in popularity, thanks to technological advances that make it easy, convenient and affordable. Is the SimpliSafe alarm system a good DIY option if you’d rather not pay a small fortune for professional monitoring?…

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