Cujo Firewall on counter (Caption: Best Home Firewall)

Best Home Firewall: Bitdefender Box vs Dojo vs Firewalla vs Bitdefender & More

Are you arming your home with smart gadgets but worried about hackers infiltrating your high-tech lifestyle? Would anyone really try to hack your smart washer or dryer? The unfortunate answer is yes. Any device connected to your home’s network can be vulnerable to an attack, and once hackers find a way in, your entire home network is up for grabs.

Fortunately, there’s a line of security devices is available to protect your home from intruders. We’ll give you our recommendations for the best smart home security devices to keep your information safe from prying eyes…

Person inside driverless car (Caption: How Does A Self-Driving Car Work? )

How Does A Self-Driving Car Work? Safety, Legality, Autopilot, & More

The future is close at hand, or rather, out of your hands, when it comes to self-driving cars. It’s both an exciting and daunting prospect. You may be wondering, how does a self-driving car work? And can you trust a self-driving car (also referred to as an autonomous car) to get you to your destination accident-free? Read on to find out about self-driving technology, which companies are on the move, and where the state of autonomous cars stands today and down the road.

Young woman wearing a backpack descending down a fire escape ladder (view from above). Caption: Fire Safety Planning

Fire Safety Plan For Your Home: 5 Common Hazards, NFPA Sample Fire Escape Plan, & More

You fall asleep with a lit candle and wake up to the smell of burning fumes and smoke filling the room. A fire can spread quickly — from practically nothing to a blaze throughout your entire home within minutes. Your belongings are replaceable (for the most part), but you and your family’s lives are not. That’s why it’s critical to have an escape plan along with a fire prevention plan.

Overhead shot of houses flooded (Caption: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?)

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Torrential rains flooded your garage and basement over the weekend, causing some structural water damage to your home. You have a home insurance policy, but is water damage covered by homeowners insurance? Things can get pretty murky when trying to determine what is and isn’t covered, but we’re here to give you some helpful information and guidelines.

A hand holding up the remote control to a VPN router installed next to a couch. Caption: Best VPN Router

Best VPN Router: Netgear Vs Asus Vs Linksys & More

Are “Big Brother” and other virtual intruders watching your every move online? Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) router in your home or office for the ultimate digital fortress to protect you and your family and give you freedom to browse the web securely.

Young man brushing teeth with a smart toothbrush while looking at smartphone. Caption: Best Smart Toothbrush

Best Smart Toothbrush: Philips Sonicare vs Oral B 8000 vs 7000 vs Philips vs Brio & More!

Nervous you’ll be leaving the dentist office with bad news and a sore mouth? Improve your oral hygiene with a smart, WiFi toothbrush and you’ll never dread going to the dentist again. Our top-ranked electric toothbrushes can reduce plaque, whiten your teeth, improve your gum health and give your mouth a deeper clean. Stop sacrificing your teeth and make your morning and nighttime routine more fun by using one of these Bluetooth toothbrushes.

Pile of clothes in closet (Caption: Tax Write Off For Donations to Goodwill?)

How Do I Write Off Taxes For Goodwill Donations?

In our house, we donate all of our unused clothes, shoes and household items to Goodwill. The items are still in good shape, we just don’t find ourselves in need of them anymore, which is why it’s nice to give them a second life. Donating to Goodwill is also a good tax deduction, so those who donate also get a “reward” for their goodwill. In this article we’ll discuss the tax benefits of giving, not to mention how important donating is whether you benefit from it or not.

Kid on iPad (Caption: Best Parental Control App)

Best Parental Control App: Norton Family Premier vs Net Nanny vs Qustodio & More

Are you worried about your child being exposed to profanity, pornography or potential predators while using their smartphone? Whether your child is eight or sixteen, she could have access to all kinds of inappropriate images, language and people without your knowledge. Fortunately, you have some tech help on your side. Welcome to parental control apps. These apps and software give you remote supervision over your child’s mobile activity, so you can make sure she is safe and making smart choices with her mobile use.

Nest Cam Outdoor on side of house (Caption: Nest Cam Outdoor Review)

Nest Cam Outdoor Review: How To Install, Is It Waterproof, Wireless, Can You Use It Inside, & More

Nest has been a big player in the home security and automation field for some time now. After a lot of demand from its consumers, the company released the outdoor Nest camera for homeowners to protect the exterior of their property. With the addition of the Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest helps you video monitor the inside and outside of your home as well as control the temperature and alert you of smoke and carbon monoxide (that is, if you choose to purchase each of Nest’s products). In this Nest outdoor camera review, we’re going to discuss the key features, pros, cons, pricing and more to help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Robot mowing grass (Caption: Best Automatic Lawn Mower Robot)

Best Automatic Lawn Mower Robot: Husqvarna vs Worx

The future of lawn care is here to take this dreaded chore off your to-do list — permanently. Picture a hypothetical Roomba lawn mower cutting your grass as you’re watching the game, lounging in a hammock or even sleeping. Yes, there are several fully autonomous, Roomba-like mowers on the market, and we’re here to help you choose the best robot lawn mower for your yard and lifestyle.

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