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DIY: Appliance Repair Tips

Tools on a table: Appliance Repair Tips

Is your dishwasher in dis-repair? Have a wobbly washer? Not to worry, we’re here to help with some useful and cost-effective ways to repair your home appliances, no tools (or experience) required. We’ll break it down for you and explain some ways to save yourself some money before you go spending hundreds of dollars to fix your household appliances. Read on to find out more including maintenance tips to keep your appliances living a longer life!

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What You Should Expect to Pay for Average Appliance Repair Costs

Man opening up wallet: Average Appliance Repair Costs

Average appliance repair costs vary depending on a number of factors. These include age, complexity of issue and whether or not you have a factory or home warranty. Wondering what your options are and what you should pay? Well you’re in the right place. We’ll break it down for you and explain some ways to save yourself some money before you go spending hundreds of dollars to fix your household appliances…

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Why Do I Need A Home Warranty Plan?

Person stuck in dryer at laundromat: Why Do I Need A Home Warranty Plan?

What is a home warranty plan and what does it cover? Before you begin your research for the best home warranty company there are a few things you should know. We want you to be informed buyers while you read through our home warranty reviews and that means knowing what a home warranty is, what it covers and some other need-to-know information. So, be sure to read more about the basics of home warranties so you can find the best home warranty companies…

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Save Money with Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews

Money in washing mashine: Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews

Is a home warranty just a waste of money? Some feel this way. But for others, it is a real budget-saver. Home warranties are meant to help you when an appliance or system (such as HVAC) breaks and you need it fixed. They are also useful when it’s beyond repair and you require a new one. But be careful! It’s extremely important that you read every part of your contract so you know what is and isn’t covered. So let’s dig in and see how Total Protect stacks up in this review…

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Listen up: Rdio Review

Girl listening to music on phone with headphones

Not enough variety on your local radio stations? Don’t want to pay for every song you download? Rdio is a music streaming service that’s lesser known than its major rivals Pandora and Spotify, but with some recent updates and an enticing new subscriber plan, Rdio deserves some serious consideration among the sea of music streaming services available in today’s market. Rdio gives you flexible options — you can use their free, Internet-based personalized stations or their full on-demand subscription service. Read our Rdio review to see if it might fit the bill for your listening needs…

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Blurb Photo Book Review: Design, Print and Self Publish Your Photo Book

Blurb Photo Book Review: Design, Print and Self Publish Your Own Book

Are you a budding author wanting to publish a good looking, quality book for a reasonable price? Looking for help with the design and distribution of your work? Blurb is the one-stop shop for all the tools you need to make and/or sell your personal or business books or e-books. From content creation to layout and delivery. Blurb offers a wide-range of options and resources for both large and small quantities all at an affordable rate. Read more to learn all about all the different types of books you can create with Blurb…

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Google Play Takes On iTunes

Google Play

When it comes to downloading apps, downloading music and downloading movies, one name comes to mind for the majority of people: iTunes. The iTunes name has gone without much competition, but Google Play intends to change that with their online store re-launch…

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DISH Network’s Hopper: New Multi-Room TV Products & Broadband Services

Red TV Cable: DISH Network’s Hopper

Last week, there were leaked reports claiming that the Satellite TV provider, DISH Network, would be unveiling a new broadband satellite service, as well as a home DVR solution dubbed ‘Hopper’ during their press conference that was scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012.

In this case, the rumors turned out to be true, and the company unveiled their new product at this time. Hopper allows consumers to watch shows at their convenience, while throughout their homes without missing a beat. Interest peaked, read on or call DISH for more details at 855-357-2283…

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