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Drumroll…the winners are in!

Best Home Security Systems In 2023

Do you need help finding the best home security system but are overwhelmed with your options? Our team of experts has over 75 years of combined experience researching, testing, and using home security systems. We’ve reviewed the top professionally monitored security companies to help you choose the most reliable system at the best price.

  • Are Home Security Systems Still Worth It In 2023?

    Trying to decide if a home security system is worth the time and money? Technology advancements have made home security systems easily available to the residential homeowner, but home type and household member demographic play a role in your need for a home security system. Are home security systems worth it? Read more…

  • Costco Security System Reviews: Is Their ADT Offering A Good Deal?

    Costco has teamed up with ADT Security Services to sell a smart-home security package through Costco’s website. Customers get white-glove delivery, professional installation, Google Nest products, and ADT Smart Monitoring, all at a members-only price. But is the deal as good as it sounds? Our experts peek under the hood of this new home security partnership. Read more…

  • How To Cancel Frontpoint Security In 2023

    Frontpoint security is a home security system that provides monitored alarm systems and home automation services. The company has been in business since 2007 and is currently one of the largest and most respected home security providers in the United States. Although canceling your Frontpoint security service is not an easy process, it can be done with the right information and steps. Read more…

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Ready to live like a Jetson?

Best Home Robot In 2023

Are you a smart-home tech junkie just waiting for your next fix? Can’t wait to kick up your Alexa-enabled home a notch? Read our take on the best home robots.

  • How Do Smart Locks Work, And Do They Really Make Your Home Safer?

    Did you know that there are around 2.5 million burglaries each year? If you’re worried about making your home safer, it’s no wonder why; that’s a scary statistic. One option that you may want to consider adding to your security system is a smart lock. This is a technologically-advanced device that has the potential to make your home more secure than ever before. Keep reading below to learn more about what this product is and how it can help home security systems work better. Read more…

  • Best Smart Garage Door Opener: Genie vs Chamberlain vs Nexx vs Garadget & More

    Are you always worried that you or someone in your family has forgotten to close your garage door? If so, you may want to consider getting a smart garage door opener to keep tabs on your door from anywhere using a simple smartphone app. How do they work? And which ones are the most reliable? We’ll give you the lowdown on these affordable and easy-to-install devices. Read more…

  • Best Outdoor Smart Bulbs: For Lighting, Flood, Motion Sensor, With Camera, & More

    Outdoor lighting can highlight your home’s features while also increasing your home security. When you add smart technology to that, you can make your outdoor lighting easier to use and control it from anywhere. Outdoor smart bulbs are a simple way to upgrade to smart lighting. Wouldn’t it be nice to control your outdoor lighting remotely? Read more…

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Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

12 Bug Out Bag Must-Have’s For 2023

Natural disasters like fires, tornadoes, and wildfires often happen suddenly and without warning. Quickly gathering up your family and getting to a safe place should be your number one priority, not searching for emergency preparedness supplies. Get your bug out bag ready today.

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Who provides the best ID theft protection?

Best Identity Theft Protection In 2023

With each online profile we create, every service we sign up for, and all the smart gadgets we buy, we put our identities at risk. Technology is evolving, and with it, our personal information becomes more vulnerable. Protecting your identity isn’t an option — it’s a must. We bring you our expert reviews of the top ID theft protection services.

  • Text Message Scams From AT&T, BOA, USPS, DMV, Amazon, Etc: How To Report & Stop Them

    We’ve been receiving reports of a mass proliferation of group scam text messages that look like the following. Needless to say, do not click on the link. This looks to be a phishing type scam, the goal of which is ultimately to try and obtain sensitive information from you. The destination site may also contain malware, which tries to implant malicious software (think virus) on your phone or computer. Read more…

  • AT&T Fraud: How To Prevent Wireless, Text, Phone, Malware, Etc

    Did you receive a text, phone call, or even worse – a bill, from AT&T about your “new AT&T phone account”? We know how scary and frustrating this feeling can be because we’ve been there. Here’s our personal account of such a fraud incident, along with our research of what you can do to recover from it, as well as prevent it from recurring. Read more…

  • How To File A Police Report For Identity Theft

    We all cringe at the ping of the phone when we are spending money. But there is no worse feeling than hearing that ping… while you are at home… not spending money! Or receiving a demand for payment on an item you have never purchased! Discovering that you have been a victim of identity theft is something we all dread. Not only is it the loss of our hard-earned income, but the hassle of replacing all our identification documents and alerting the relevant people. If you’re unsure how to file a police report for identity theft, keep reading and we’ll guide you in the right direction. Read more…

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Which stock research service provides the best value?

Best Stock Research Websites In 2023

Investing your money wisely takes a great deal of ongoing research. And with hundreds of financial websites at your fingertips, where do you start? If you’re a serious investor, free advice only goes so far. We’ve chosen some of the best investment advice websites that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so you can instead focus on investing your hard-earned dollars.

  • The 7 Best Retirement Planning Books For 2023

    Having a successful career is a dream for many. Everyone wants to retrospect with a grin over their accomplishments throughout their careers. But one thing that should not escape your mind when you are still working is that retirement is inevitable. You’re going to be best off if you take the time to plan for your retirement from an early stage in your career. But how do you know what is required to prepare for your retirement? These books will provide insights into much of what you need to know to be able to retire in comfort and with peace of mind. Read more…

  • 10 Best Investing Books For Beginners

    Did you know that only three in 10 Americanshave worked out a long-term financial strategy that includes investment and savings goals? The same poll finds that people who make at least $75,000 annually are most likely to budget. When you consider that a 65-year-old can live–on average–another 19 to 21.5 years, you can grasp the importance of taking personal finance seriously. No one wants to run out of money. But poor planning can do that to you. Do you want to learn more about investing so that you can build a solid financial future? If so, check out our picks for the 10 best investing books below. Read more…

  • CIT Bank Reviews 2023: Mortgage, High Yield Savings, Money Market, Customer Reviews & More

    Looking for a way to maximize your money without having to invest it in the stock market? Savings accounts are traditional a way to keep cash stashed away. However, most brick-and-mortar banks’ interest rates are so low (around .01%), that it’s not doing much for you. Thanks to online banks, you can earn up to 1-2% annual percentage yields (APY) while having access to liquid assets should you need it. Read more…

  • Best Annual Travel Insurance Plans: AIG Travel Guard vs Allianz vs Seven Corners vs GeoBlue & More

    Most people consider getting trip insurance for a single vacation. But did you know that several major insurance companies provide annual trip insurance plans? These plans can cover you, a spouse, and even your entire family if you want to insure multiple trips during the year — for huge savings compared to insuring each trip separately. How does annual trip insurance work? Does it differ from traditional per-trip insurance? And which providers are your best options? Our experts have delved into all of these questions and more to help you decide if an annual policy is best for your needs. Read more…

  • TipRanks Review: Smart Portfolio, Pro, Premium, App, Customer Reviews, & More

    TipRanks is an investment research platform that compiles public stock recommendations from thousands of financial analysts and bloggers and ranks them based on their accuracy and performance. It also collects insider trading information to tell you which stocks are ideal for medium and long-term trading. While this site can save you a lot of time scouring through multiple websites to find the stock analysis you’re looking for, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to access most of the valuable information. Is TipRanks worth it when you can find the analysis for free elsewhere? And how reliable is TipRanks? We delve into everything this site offers investors and traders to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your needs. Read more…

  • Credit Card Fraud Prevention: Types Of Fraud, Reporting, Recovering, And More

    Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft, and the incidences of this type of fraud have been steadily increasing. Anyone who has a credit card should be aware of the fraud that can occur and how to handle it when it happens. Read more…

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Where will your next adventure be?

Best Travel Booking Websites In 2023

Thanks to booking aggregators, you can find a travel deal in seconds. Punch in your approximate dates and desired destination, and let the websites spit out results that help you find the best fit for your needs, destination, and preferences. Our experts pick the best travel sites for your next adventure.

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Can you trust online doctors?

Best Online Doctor Portals In 2023

During Covid-19 telemedicine surged. But wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to jump on a video call with a doctor to get an instant diagnosis at any time? Thanks to online doctor portals now you can. Our experts compare the top telemedicine providers.

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