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Home Security Systems Reviews (2022): SimpliSafe vs Ring vs Vivint vs ADT vs Cove vs Frontpoint vs Brinks vs Kangaroo vs Nest & More

Home security app (caption: Home Security Systems Reviews)

Do you need help finding a home security system but are overwhelmed with your options? Our team of experts has over 75 years of combined experience researching, testing, and using home security systems. We’ve reviewed 16 professionally monitored security companies. Our strict review protocol ensures our research is unbiased. We take into account customer service, equipment, technology, ease of use, and value to come up with a score for each company.

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Best Glass Break Sensor Reviews: Ring vs Simplisafe vs ADT vs Vivint vs Honeywell vs Z-Wave vs Nest And More

Broken window (caption: Best Glass Break Sensors)

In some situations, window and door entry sensors and motion sensors won’t always suffice when an intruder is determined to access your home. But glass break sensors can add a crucial first layer of defense. How do they work? And when should you use them? We’ll give you the lowdown and tell you our picks for the best glass break sensors for various home security needs.

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How To Secure Your Garage Door: Cameras, Locks, Systems, Bars, Sensors, Lights, And More Reviewed

Outside house with garage door shut (caption: Garage Security Tips)

As a homeowner, your garage is a definite plus for many reasons, but it can also be a weak link in terms of home security. That’s why it’s essential to know what you can do to keep your garage safe from potential intruders. We give you tips and product picks that you’ll need to make sure that both your garage and entire home are secure.

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Best Fire Escape Ladder Reviews: 2 Story, 3 Story, Rope, Permanent, Window, For Kids & More

Beep, beep, beep! You wake up in the middle of the night from the fire alarm and everyone is in their bedrooms. You open the door to the hallway and see huge flames that make it impossible for you to escape through your front door or for you to reach your sleeping children.Fear sets in. Do they know what to do? Can everyone reach safety on their own? We know this is scary to think about, but what if it happened to you? Is your family prepared in case of a fire emergency?

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Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Home In 2022: Kitchen, Car, Electrical Fires, All Purpose, And More Reviewed

Fire extinguisher on ground (caption: Best Fire Extinguisher)

Would you rather spend a little money on a fire extinguisher or spend a lot of time in a hotel and have all of your possessions burned? Probably the former, right? We can all be stingy at times, but the safety of our family is not an area to penny-pinch. Do yourself a favor and equip your home with the appropriate number of fire extinguishers. You’ll regret it if you don’t and a fire erupts in your home…

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Fire Safety Plan For Your Home: 5 Common Hazards, NFPA Sample Fire Escape Plan, & More

Girl climing down escape ladder (Fire Safety Planning)

You fall asleep with a lit candle and wake up to the smell of burning fumes and smoke filling the room. A fire can spread quickly — from practically nothing to a blaze throughout your entire home within minutes. Your belongings are replaceable (for the most part), but you and your family’s lives are not. That’s why it’s critical to have an escape plan along with a fire prevention plan.

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Best Personal Alarm Reviews: For Women, Loudest, Keychain, For Elderly, And More

Panic button (caption: Guide to Duress Alarms)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you knew you were in imminent danger? Many of us rely on security systems to help keep us safe and alert the authorities when we need help. But in some situations, activating your alarm can present a challenge. If someone is in your home or workplace and you need to activate the alarm, do you know how to summon the police discreetly? That’s when a duress alarm can be a lifesaver.

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Best Driveway Alarm: Wireless, Camera, Solar, Long-Range, Motion Sensor, Magnetic, WiFi, And More!

Driveway alarms can be used to monitor motion on your porch, in your mailbox, around your home, in your driveway, and more. Have a “heads up” when the school bus arrives, or a delivery person is almost to your doorstep. Know when someone is on your property that shouldn’t be by protecting your home, office, or another area with a driveway alarm.

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Best Door Jammer For Security: Portable, Sliding, Wedge, Tactical, Portable, And More Reviewed

Masterlock in kitchen propping door up (caption: Best Door Jammer)

Door jammers are a great way to reinforce your doors and increase your home’s security. You can use these on exterior, hotel and even bedroom doors to keep uninvited guests out. But not all door jammers are created equal. Some work better for travel while others are better at home. Find out which ones we recommend for specific doors.

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